Integrity Ingredients Corporation Skin Formulations

Integrity Ingredients Corporation is committed to providing the most innovative, leading technologies in personal care products while staying on top of today’s trends. Our in-house technical and formulations lab comes with a staff of qualified formulators with years of experience and service and are always happy to assist with your formulation needs.  

Integrity Ingredients Skin Care Formulas

Environmental Skin Shield Spray

Wrinkle Eraser & Skin Firming Spray #033018.1

Wrinkle Eraser & Skin Firming Spray #033018.2

Integrity Ingredients Skin Care Mask Formulas

Charcoal Clay Mask

Refreshing White Clay Mask

Purifying Green Clay Mask

Detoxifying Red Clay Mask

SeaBerry Omega Clay Mask

Integrity Ingredients Body Care Formulas with Rheostyl 90N

Arctic Crushed Ice

Arctic Crushed Ice

Cranberry Slush

Cranberry Slush

Glacial Crushed Ice

Glacial Crushed Ice

Orange Crushed Ice

Orange Crushed Ice

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