Coatex is the leading designer and producer of polymeric emulsifiers, water-based rheology modifiers, suspension aids, as well as functional dispersants.


Integrity Ingredients Corporation distributes several high-quality Coatex ingredients including:


Rheostyl E - Polymeric Emulsifiers

- Powerful Emulsification: 100% emulsifier free

- Versatile: All kind of oil, No more HLB, No Limit in Oil Loading,

- Easy to Formulate: Liquid Polymer, Low Shear & Cold Process

- Smooth Texture: No Cheesecake Effect

- Unique Sensorial: Light & Fresh , Rich & Cushion

- Water Resistance: No need for Film Filters

- Unlimited stability against coalescence from pH (5-12)
- Suspension of oil & particles pH (6.5-12)

- Texture pH (6.5-12)

Rheostyl E Light: Light & Fresh

- INCI: Acrylates copolymer

- Appearance: Milky liquid

- Polymer solids content: 30%

- Free of Preservative

- Listed in Chinese IECIC

TEASER_Rheostyl_E_range April 2019 (Repr

Rheostyl E Range

Rheostyl E Cream: Rich & Cushion

- INCI: Acrylates/Palmeth-25 Acrylates copolymer

- Appearance: Milky liquid

- Polymer solids content: 28%

- Free of Preservative

- Listed in Chinese IECIC

TEASER_Rheostyl_Suncare_ April 2019 (Rep

Rheostyl E in Sun Care

- Rheostyl E Formulation TEASERS - 


Rheostyl E LIght - Clean Beauty Formulation

TEASER_Rheostyl_CleanBeauty_emulsion_ Ap

Rheostyl E Cream  Clean Beauty Emulsion

TEASER_Rheostyl_Modern_Fluid_ April 2019

Rheostyl E Modern Fluid 

TEASER_Rheostyl_0%Emulsifier_ April 2019

Rheostyl E Formulate with 0% Emulsifiers 

Rheostyl E Easy to Process Video


Rheostyl UP

- Powerful Suspension in fluid formulas

- pH range 6.5 to 12

- High Compatibility with pigments

- Good tolerance to electrolytes

- Easy to formulate

- Light and Fresh sensory

- Fluid and Sprayable textures

- Enhance pigment dispersion for an even spreading

Rheostyl UP February 2019 (Represented b

Rheostyl UP Brochure