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The Lower North Shore (LNS) is made up of fourteen small communities and two indigenous communities and is located on the coast of the Lower North Shore of Québec, Canada.


Over its history, the people have distinguished themselves in the sealing and fishing industries; and economic, social and human development. The residents are rich with traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) of the land and waters and how the resources can be developed as ingredients for high end product development.


 TEK is part of the way of life on the LNS and is exemplified in the peoples’ values of inner strength, compassion, independence and hard work.

The Bioproducts Solidarity Cooperative aims to stimulate local economic diversification through the sustainable and added-value exploitation of indigenous wild berries and other natural resources from land and sea.


The vision of the co-operative is to brand the Lower North Shore (LNS) as a world leader in the sustainable exploitation of superior value-added products from the natural-based resources for the socio-economic benefit of the region.


Birch Water


Lower North Shore Bioproduct Solidarity

Lower North Shore Bioproduct Solidarity Cooperative Brochure




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