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Coatex is the leading designer and producer of polymeric emulsifiers, water-based rheology modifiers, suspension aids, as well as functional dispersants.


Integrity Ingredients Corporation distributes several high-quality Coatex ingredients including:

                                Rheostyl 85L

- Provides excellent clarity, thickening and suspension in low pH systems, ranges (3.5 - 6)

- Compatible with mild and sulfate free surfactants

- Works superb with clear shower gels and shampoos with any type of insoluble suspended  particles,  clear exfoliating facial cleansers, clear liquid hand soaps, and pearlescent shower gels and shampoos

Rheostyl 85L Performance

TEASER_Rheostyl_85L_ April 2019 (Represe

Rheostyl 85L Clarity and Suspension

Rheostyl 85 L Mixing Procedure

                           Rheostyl 90N

- Highly-effective and cost-effective thickener.

- Best performance in High pH ranges (6.5 - 12)
- Thickens instantly after neutralization, and produces highly-transparent formulas.
- Excellent in liquid hand soaps, hair styling gels, and hair-dying formulas.

Rheostyl 90N Performance

TEASER_Rheostyl_90N_ April 2019 (Represe

Rheostyl 90N Powerful Thickener


Rheostyl 100


- Powerfull thickening and suspension all over the pH range (3 to 12)

- High transparency above pH 6.5

- Enhanced pearlescent appearance

- Smooth flow and excellent viscosity stability

- Viscosity can be fine tuned with salt at the end of the process

- Versatile compatibility in formulation:

- All type of surfactants, sulfate as sulfate-free, as well as soap

- Low level of surfactant at pH above 6.5

- Cationic polymers

TEASER_Rheostyl_100_ April 2019 (Represe

Rheostyl 100 Versatility


Rheostyl E - Polymeric Emulsifiers

- Powerful Emulsification: 100% emulsifier free

- Versatile: All kind of oil, No more HLB, No Limit in Oil Loading,

- Easy to Formulate: Liquid Polymer, Low Shear & Cold Process

- Smooth Texture: No Cheesecake Effect

- Unique Sensorial: Light & Fresh , Rich & Cushion

- Water Resistance: No need for Film Filters

- Unlimited stability against coalescence from pH (5-12)
- Suspension of oil & particles pH (6.5-12)

- Texture pH (6.5-12)

Rheostyl E Light: Light & Fresh

- INCI: Acrylates copolymer

- Appearance: Milky liquid

- Polymer solids content: 30%

- Free of Preservative

- Listed in Chinese IECIC

TEASER_Rheostyl_E_range April 2019 (Repr

Rheostyl E Range

Rheostyl E Cream: Rich & Cushion

- INCI: Acrylates/Palmeth-25 Acrylates copolymer

- Appearance: Milky liquid

- Polymer solids content: 28%

- Free of Preservative

- Listed in Chinese IECIC

TEASER_Rheostyl_Suncare_ April 2019 (Rep

Rheostyl E in Sun Care

- Rheostyl E Formulation TEASERS - 


Rheostyl E LIght - Clean Beauty Formulation

TEASER_Rheostyl_CleanBeauty_emulsion_ Ap

Rheostyl E Cream  Clean Beauty Emulsion

TEASER_Rheostyl_Modern_Fluid_ April 2019

Rheostyl E Modern Fluid 

TEASER_Rheostyl_0%Emulsifier_ April 2019

Rheostyl E Formulate with 0% Emulsifiers 

Rheostyl E Easy to Process Video


Rheostyl UP

- Powerful Suspension in fluid formulas

- High Compatibility with pigments

- Good tolerance to electrolytes

- Easy to formulate

- Light and Fresh sensory

- Fluid and Sprayable textures

- Enhance pigment dispersion for an even spreading

Rheostyl UP February 2019 (Represented b

Rheostyl UP Brochure

Rheostyl UP Brochure Hand Sanitizer Video

Rheostyl Savon

- Specialized solution for soap pastes

- Reduces fatty acid and caustic content

- Excellent temperature and shear stability

- Creamy foaming with pearlescence

Rheostyl Savon - Presentation (i2_corp)

Rheostyl Savon Presentation

Rheostyl Savon - TDS (i2_corp) May 2020.
Rheostyl for Fatty Acid Soap - Presentat
Rheostyl Savon - Promo (i2_corp) May 202

Rheostyl Savon TDS

Rheostyl Savon

Fatty Acid Soap Presentation

Rheostyl Savon Promotional Brochure